Your personal guide to the Reformation

Search in three countries

Luther's provocative theses had an effect on the everyday life of the people and left traces to this day. Use the Luther Pass as a guide through eleven places in three countries to trace Luther and his time. In each city you will find a stamp that makes your Luther Pass unique to your memories.

A passport of the kind that helps overcome barriers. 

Advantages for Pass users

Discover Luther in a new dimension
The Luther Pass invites visitors to a journey through eight different cities. Like pilgrims visitors can collect a stamp in each town and get in contact with the stamp owners who can tell many stories about Luther and its time. 

Similar to a real passport the passport holders can write their names in and stick a personal photo in.

Handy and full of information

The Luther fits in all pockets and bags and offers a wide range of information:  

  • a short description of the traces of Reformation in each town
  • a map of all participating cities
  • the most important events of each town
  • space for writing down personal memories

Using special benefits

All pass owners can make use of the special deals the Pass pates offer like reductions in hotels, restaurants and many different shops. All information will be available on this website soon. The offers are visible in the shops with the stickers „Pass-Pate“.

The Brand pates offer a variety of different products and services to the pass owners like the Luther-Pass-beer and the Luther-Pass-marmalade. All the products are made in the region and can be used as a memory and gifts.

Collecting all eight stamps a pass owner can participate in the contest and win. More details here


Order your passport

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